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Approved for 14 hours of TASL and CEO credit

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Online professional development. Listen and learn wherever it’s convenient!

Join hundreds of Tennessee school leaders and hear from best-selling authors, leading-edge consultants and major policy makers

Each month, from September through May, we keep you informed about the latest ideas and developments that school leaders need to be knowledgeable about for their professional growth. It’s like attending a workshop or conference, but a lot more convenient because there is no travel or lost work days.

Many districts in Tennessee and around the country also use the material we provide as a basis for meetings of their leadership team where they will discuss one or more of the topics we have presented.

Regular topics include:

  • Education & Public Policy
  • The Common Core
  • Digital Learning and Technology
  • Management & Leadership
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Instructional Leadership

Approved for 14 Hours of TASL or CEO Credit by the Tennessee Academy of School Leaders

To receive TASL or CEO credit, each participant takes a monthly assessment quiz. The quiz consists of five questions that evaluate whether you have listened to that month’s issue of School Leadership Briefing. You can complete the quizzes whenever it’s convenient, as long as you complete all nine by the end of the school year. In June, we report to the Office of Instructional Leadership the names of all school leaders in Tennessee who successfully completed all nine of the quizzes.

High Quality Professional Development at Your Fingertips

Each issue brings you over 1.5 hours of high quality PD delivered right to your iPhone and iPad and on the web each month. Over 14 hours of interviews and presentations each year.

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Nine monthly issues, published September through May. Includes 14 hours of TASL or CEO credit (complete nine monthly quizzes by May 31, 2015).

  • Website and iPad/iPhone apps: $75

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